Saturday, September 17, 2011

1. How would you feel about being an occupant in the San Fransisco City hall after the renovations?
       I think that I would enjoy the changes that have been made to the city hall because they kept some of the building the same and restored it to the original design the new modern spaces are a nice contrast to the traditional areas.

2. What types of lighting were discussed and how can they affect our building?
     There are a lot of different types of lighting that wee discussed here are the ones that I remember.
sunlight, direct light, indirect light, downlighting, uplighting, pendant, tungsten-halogen lamps, accent lights, LED, ambient, task.  I think that most of these lighting examples could be used in our design.

3. What was the largest dissatisfaction with the office types and how will it affect my design?
   The largest dissapointment with the open office is the noise level there is no noise privacy.  In the sinlge offices that dissadvantage is that the human interaction is not as easy. In the case of this project I will be using the individual office style.

4.  Is the Courthouse appropriate for a dominant daylighting system and waht are the benefits of daylighting?
     I think in the majority of the Courthouse the spaces can be lit by daylight however there are areas where it will be necaery to use artificial lighting.  The benefit of daylight is that it is more natural and that it is easier on the human eye also there are helath benefits accociated with natural light.

6. Is lighting objective or subjective?
       I think that lighting is subjective to the lighting designer.

7. How does the info from these articles relate to our programing and design?
    The results from the studies can help us to better design our space because we have concrete results of how we should design lighting and office spaces.

8. Does cooper have inderect lighting?

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