Monday, December 8, 2008

pathways, edges, and boundaries

These pictures were taken of the presentation that we did. My assignment as a group member was to work on the model that was presented during this presentation. I also was the speaker for our group, I presented our ideas and plans for the area that we were assigned. The overall design element that related all of the different groups was circles and squares. The different groups were the gateway, living on the edge, the oasis, the mirage, and the desert. We all were given bags of concrete and we had to come up with some kind of way to make the islands in the parking lot usable to the people that are moving throughout the parking lot.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


project production

These pictures were taken while we were doing our group projects. Our group was the Gateway group we decided to use our concrete to make a path and boundaries. We used small pebbles as our aggregate to make our stepping stones and in our stepping stones we used a cardboard pattern to make the circular pattern on the path. In order to make these stepping stones we built a mold out of wood that is made in three parts and each section holds three stones. Then for our dividers we used basketball halves to make the semi-spheres and our aggregate is pearlite. Or idea was to incorporate circles and squares into a unified pattern that would relate to all of the others groups ideas.

more free drawing

free drawing

my room two perspective views


desk drawings


topographic views light and dark

free drawing

Stoell's drawings #2