Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Midsummer Nights Dream

In our design studio class we watched a Midsummer Nights Dream. These are the notes that i took on the movie.

illustration board

For the second part of the fairy tale project we had to create an illustration board that abstracted the main idea of our stories. The main idea in my story was promises.

5 significant artifacts

In my design drawing class we were given the assignment of chosing 5 different objects from our past or present that are significant to us. Then we had to pick one color and and find an interesting way to incorporate it into our spread. These were the items that i choose. The number one item on my list is my Bible because it represents what I believe in and how i was raised. The second item that i used was a ring that my parents got me in Israel that has my name on it in Hebrew. Then I drew a sea shell that I got on a trip to the bahamas with my family. I dotn see my family much now so it reminds me of them. The next item is my first cell phone which I like becasue it represented the start of freedom for me. the last item that i drew is my ipod becasue it is one of my favorite things in my life now.

The Frog King Fairy tale

In my studio class we were assigned Grimm's fairy tales to read and analyze. The fairy tale that i was assigned was the Frog King. This story is about a princess that is playing in the woods with a golden ball and she drops it down a well, Seeing the princess upset a frog tells her he will get the ball for her if she will let him live with her at the castle. The princess agrees and the frog retrieves her ball however after receiving her ball back the princess runs home and does not take the frog home with her. Then while the princess is eating the frog comes and knocks on the door and the king makes the princess take care of the frog. But that night the frog wants to sleep in the princess' bed but she gets mad and throws him against the wall but when he hits the wall he turns into a man the kings son. The next day they get married and the kings son's servant comes back and the bands that were on his heart were broken because the prince was no longer a frog.



The prime example of stories this week that we saw was the Midsummer Nights Dream movie by Shakespeare. This play has so many examples of stories there is a play with in a play. There are three main stories in this play Indian Child, Bottom, and the Dukes wedding. Also we studied Grimm's fairy tale's in studio where we learned to find the deeper meanings in the stories.


Artifacts we learned in our history and theory of design class are objects that shape our world. We also learned that artifacts can be assessed by a three step process (the power of three) these three steps are description, deduction, and speculation. In our studio class we talked about the flower that was hit by cupids arrow in Midsummer Nights Dream that was used to put a spell on the characters. Another artifact was bottoms crown. In Suzanne's class we had to draw five artifacts that were significant to our life.


In a Midsummer Nights Dream the story can be viewed differently. Some people see the movie as a dream in that nothing is real and some people see it as reality. In my fairy tale the Frog King the frog can be viewed as just a frog or as a king. There are multiple views in this story. The princess views the frog as a hindrance but the frog views the princess as a help. Multi-view picture (statue man)


In Patrick's class we discussed the design cycle and how a persons design peak is in the middle of their life as a child your creativity is growing until you reach your peak in you 40's to 60's and then it goes down. In a midsummer nights dream there is a love cycle between the different lovers. The juice from the flower changed who the person loved causing the cycle. Cycle picture "Midsummer Nights Dream


In my history and theory of design class we talked about how things are perceived differently depending on your experiences in life you translate your environment based on what you know. An example that we used was comparing the bike shed and the cathedral in that the bike shed would be seen as simple and useful and the cathedral would be seen as intricate and well designed. We also saw translation in a midsummer nights dream in how different characters translated the events differently. Translation picture (bike shed) Translation picture (cathedral)


Overall these prompts are similar. For example multi-view and translation are similar in a lot of ways. We learned a lot of things by looking into these words, on thing that I enjoyed was watching the midsummer movie it included most of all these words there was a lot of symbolism. The thing that stood out the most was the love cycle.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Timeline 1325 AD & BC

1325 AD
Alfonso IV becamme the king of Portugal
Henery VII is crowned holy roman emperor at Rome
The Aztec Empire begins to rise
Mana Musa makes pilgramage to meca
Ibn Battuta begins his travels
Advances in the water wheel
The first furnace was made in Switzerland
Tenochtitlan was founded
Battle of Zappolin: Modena defeats Bologna
Muhammad bin Tughluq succeds his father as the Sultan of Delhi

1325 BC
Death of Tutankhamun
Tish shaped vase was made
Citadel walls are built in Mycenae
Zhu Xi a confucian thinker selects the four main text
Shalmaneser I succeds as king of Assyira
Emperor Komyo names Ashikaga Takauji as Shogun
Akhenaten pusshed monotheism
King Tut restablishes polytheism as official religion in Egypt
Hittite empire reaches it's extent
Boundary stone is used to record royal grants