Friday, October 1, 2010

Seth Riskin

I recently had the opportunity to go to a lecture by Seth Riskin.  He is an artist of light.  He works a lot with different forms of lighting from holograms to lasers.  He has been a gymnast in his past and he uses this in conjunction with his art.  he dances and moves the light with his body to create some really cool pieces of art. When talking about light Seth went into the idea of the importance of light throughout history for example art in the past has used lighting to create impact and show importance of people etc. I found the lecture to be interesting in that it opened my eyes to a lot of ways that light can be used that I would never have thought of.  There also was an exhibit that displayed different light art and there were some really cool pieces.  I was amazed to see what could be done and how light could change ones perspective. Seth talked about how light can be used and viewed in so many different ways there is so much more to light that just illuminating a space. I think a lot of times when we think of light we think of a lamp or the sun or something.  however when you learn to control light then there are limitless possibilities.  Light is constantly moving and constantly changing so not art piece will ever be the same. Seth Riskin is doing work in a field that has not been fully explored and it is exciting to see how his art will progress over time.  Take some time and look up his work you will be amazed and what he does and what can be done with light.