Friday, March 26, 2010

Unity Village

A 72 year man who is in a wheel chair experience in my space would fell like he was able to move around very easily since the space is wide open and is lite and would make you feel comfortable to be in the space. Also due to the open floor plan he would easily get from one community space to another.
A 6 year old girl would have a playfull place to run and and feel like a child. The space is airy and light, which are qualities from the outside air, that would allow her to relax. This would be because little girls typically enjoy being outdoors. Therefore, she would relax and enjoy the space.
A 42 year old mother who works in the building would feel like our space is a relaxing place to go take a break from her day and to take care of some chores like doing the laundry. The communal spaces we created would really allow to "come to her senses," and get her nerves back so to speak.
Overall, they each would have a different experience, however; each of them would remain relaxed during there time in the space due to the hues, open floor plan, and organic shapes that guide you through the space.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Community in Greensboro (extra credit)

Westover Church is a place where many different types of people come together for one purpose. Westover is designed in order to bring people together, to influence people to interact with one another, and with different people than they normally wouldn’t interact with. The way that this is done is through a variety of different spaces that are all meant for different types of socializing, learning, or worshiping. The church has a cafĂ© that brings people together in fellowship through the common ground of food and a common topic to talk about, (the sermon they just heard or how there life is going). There is also a sanctuary where all the different races and gender and ages come together and sit together and worship together they are there for one reason to grow in there Christian life. In observing this social environment you will find babies that come with their families and go to the nursery all the way to people who are elderly that are being brought from the nursing home every week. The environment is a place that is very large but it is an open plan which helps to keep the traffic flowing. One important aspect to note about this space is that it is not utilized everyday for the same purposes. Most of the time the Church is not bust but when Sunday comes there is a crowd. Also a lot of the spaces are used for multiple purposes. For example the sanctuary is a room that’s main purpose is for the Sunday service but it is also used for things such as concerts and plays or even dance concerts. Westover church is a great place that is very successful at bringing people together and breaking down barriers and walls.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

design thinking

what does design thinking mean to you and how are you using it in thsi project and in your future projects? To me design thinking is about the people. The tedtalks video was talking about how design needs to be based around people and around the user of the room or the product. People besides designers need to get involved in the process. Models need to be built in order to have things that can be interacted with before hand to get feed back. I think that this type of design thinking is good because for me it means I don't just say I am going to design a house. i will say ok I am going to design a house but first I am going to go talk to the people that are living in the house and I am going to build models and draw picture so I can get feedback and interact with the other people this type of design thinking pens up a whole new world of possibilities. In this unity village project it means that we will interact with the people living there which we have already done. So this design thinking is different form the past where design was very impersonal

Friday, March 19, 2010

User Needs

Spaces Physical Needs Psychological Needs

Lounge seating area social interaction
entertainment area individual space
table comfort

natural/artificial light inspiration
water fountain welcoming
handicap accessable safety

computer lounge quiet


Mudroom sink welcoming
storage comfortable
floor sink



Mail Room mail box secure

workstation welcoming

Laundry Room washer/dryer secure

seating bright

music comfortable
counter space entertaining
snack machine



trash bin

security camera

Restrooms urinals/ toilets privacy

toilet paper dispenser quiet

seat cover dispenser secure

lighting relaxing

sink bright


paper towels


trash can

seating quiet

natural light relaxing

fence bright



notes on chapter 6 (Shaping interior space)

here are some of the notes that I took on concept development.

A successful concept is one which all design decisions can be derived from
The main concept holds all of the ideas together
usually a concept consist of multiple ideas that come together under one idea to form and synchronized thought
concepts can be philosophical, thematic, functional, artistic, mood-related, or stylistic
two types of concepts organizational which define space
and character which define style
provides a firm foundation
a scheme will will generate the appropriate response to the space
stages of concept development
1. understanding the project
2. identifying Dominant Issues
3. conceiving workable approaches
4. externalizing the approaches
5. evaluating the approaches
6.consolidating ideas and choosing a direction
focus on dominant issues
create scenarios to see how the space might work
diagram parti and functional diagrams
concepts are short statements, descriptive scenarios, diagrams,and sketches

inspiration images


here are some sketches of some of my ideas for the space that were are designing

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Concept statement (rubber band)

A rubber band is made of flexible materials that can return to its original shape after being stretched or extended. How about we cut the rubber band and make it a long piece to expands it more and there is no defined space (circle)? We want to create a space that is inviting and harmonious that embraces the residents that live at Unity Village. Leaving the laundry area, lounge and mail room open would expand the space and make it more free flowing allowing the elderly, students, and immigrants to be more comfortable in the space. This will also allow them to interact in the space that is flexible. We will add a modern touch by using moveable and recyclable furniture Allowing the daylight and artificial light to define the spaces in order to keep the space free flowing and flexible. We will use color keying to create a harmonious environment that is pleasant to all of the residents. It is easy to hold something together with a rubber band because it expands but by cutting it and making it a long piece it breaks the barrier of the defined spaced used which is the circle

design standards

What goes in the mechanical room

  • Air handlers
  • Boilers
  • Chillers
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Water heaters and tanks
  • Water pumps
  • Pump control panel
  • Main distribution piping and valves
  • Sprinkler distribution piping and pumps
  • Back-up electrical generators
  • Elevator machinery
  • Switch board