Monday, September 20, 2010


this is the precis that was handed out to the visiting guest at the critique.

central regional hospital child and adolescent unit mid review

Here are the slides that were  presented to the hospital workers and to the architect. I designed the space around the concept of a living tree which brings in a lot of natural elements. Overall they like the space there were a few things that will have to be adjusted because of safety hazards but overall a good review.                                    

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

conceptual explorations

When looking at concept ideas for the children's area in Central psychiatric hospital i wanted to stick with the theme they already are using.  I think I would like to go for a broader concept than just a really specific thing. The first concept that I think would be really cool would be a under the sea concept this could be really fun and it would tie in with the current theme.  Another idea that I had was the living tree idea where you take ideas from a tree.  the last idea I had was a pond or a complete ecosystem in one spot

Thursday, September 9, 2010

powers of ten

powers of ten

powers of ten

here is some information about the powers of ten project images will be up soon.

I have explored the Powers of Ten in a variety of different ways. I started my exploration by watching the Powers of Ten video by Charles and Ray Eames.  Moving on from there I searched the internet to find more information on the idea of the Powers of Ten. As well as talking with class mates about their interpretations of the Powers of Ten.  I worked from there to come up with my interpretation of the Powers of Ten.  That idea being that smaller things come together to make one big thing from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy. That is the basic progression of my research into the Powers of Ten.

After viewing the movie powers of ten by Charles and Ray Eames I decided that the point that I wanted to focus on was parts of a whole.  The idea that a lot of little things come together to make one big thing and we do not see the little things just by looking at the surface. In my project I played on this idea in two ways.  First I took and image from outer space and I used hundreds of little pictures from nature and personal experience to make up the image so that all the little pictures come together to make one big picture.  The other experience is seen when light is turned onto the situation the piece takes on a whole new perspective.  This picture of the earth represents the fact that the earth is just a small part of the bigger picture that is seen.

I feel as if the Powers of Ten has changed the way that I view design.  I think that after diving into the idea of powers of ten I will look differently at the way I design a space or anything that I am designing.  The number one thing that I have taken from this is that the little things matter.  I think a lot of times as designers we look at the big picture but we don’t really look at all the little things and how they all come together to make the whole. When in reality if we are not giving enough attention to the different parts we are not reaching the full potential that we have for designing that space. I believe that if I start to give more attention to the individual pieces of a design that in the end I will end up with a better result and a more pleasing environment.  I have also learned from this that the scale of things can change the way that something is viewed entirely.  In my future designs I will work with scale to make spaces that are more interesting to be in. Scale is something that has so many possibilities and a lot of times there is no right or wrong way to work with it.  The final thing that I took away from this movie was the idea of math and rhythm.  There is a rhythm to the powers of ten they go in a distinct order and they are layered on top of each other.  These are all things that should be considered when designing.  This study into the powers of ten has brought me new ways to look at design and well as reinforce knowledge that I already had about design.