Monday, September 29, 2008

final place for 12 twigs pics

These pictures are of my final project for my place for 12 twigs project.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

sticks and cell phones

This project was something that we had to do in design visualization in which we had to draw our phone and 12 twigs 16 different ways. Then from the first 16 we had to do 64 of each and then combine them into 32 drawings. Then from the set of 32 we had to make a set of 16 and then a set from that of 8 and then from that a set of 4 to be placed in an exhibit.

sticks and cell phones #2

proccess of my place for 12 twigs

When I was first assigned this project to make a place or box for 12 twigs i was really stumped at first I really did not know what to do. However after going out and finding twigs I found some twigs that had pine cones on them. I really wanted to make my place in resemblance to the pine cones. However after I tried to make the model it turned out differently than I had hoped. What I had made was a half circular object made out of 12 identical pieces. Even though the model did not turn out like I had hopped it would it did work for some other twigs that I had found. After going to critique I decided that I needed to reevaluate the place of my twigs in the piece. So I decided to put one twig in each slot of the 12 pieces. After this i found that the twigs being on the outside of the model did not work as well as I would have liked for it to. So i decided to move the twigs to the inside of the model. I found that the twigs being on the inside of the model worked a lot better than it did on the outside. After going to another critique I decided that I needed to reevaluate the size and shape of my model I had made the model large and I decided to reduce the size because I felt that it made for a better crafted project. I also made 90 degree creases in all of the 12 pieces so that the object has a flat side. I tried a few different bonding agents for this project first I used scotch tape however this was not very attractive so I tried using liquid nails but this looked even worse than the scotch tape. So I decided to use double sided tape which worked well until I got to my final model and I was using a thicker paper so I had to use mirror hanger tape so in the end this worked really well. As far as color I was going to use color but i decided that it was going to take away from the project and the twigs so I used white but this was a little to stark so I ended up using a gray neutral color which helped to soften it a little bit. In the end I think that my project was successful and I am very satisfied with the end results.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

design visualization

Today in design visualization we had a critique for our place for a twig project. We talked about a lot of different issues that arose in all of our projects. One of the issues that we faced was scale its important for us to be able to find the proper size for our twigs in order for the project make biggest statement. Another issue that we talked about was color a lot of times we just add color without thinking it through we need to think about contrast and making the twigs stand out and also think about lighting and shadows. One of the biggest issues that we encountered was the craft of our projects it is really important to be able to have a well crafted projected so that it is visually pleasing and so that it presents your point to the utmost potential. We talked about looking at our projects and seeing if there was anything in them that is unnecessary that we could take out that would help the focus stay on the twigs. The binding agent that we choose is something that has been a struggle for a lot of people in that it takes a lot of trial and error to find something that will work and either not be seen or be incorporated into the project n a way that does not distract and makes since to the design. So I think that talking about all of these things was really help full at least to me in that now I have a better idea about how to approach finishing the project.

design theorum one

John Lynn is an expert on the 2030 initiative. The 2030 initiative is something that Ed Mazria came up with. The goal of the 2030 initiative is for there to be zero percentages of carbon emissions in the use of buildings by the year 2030. The steps are set up in this way the goal would be to cut carbon emissions up to fifty percent immediately, sixty percent by the year 2010, seventy by the year 2015, eighty percent by the year 2020, and up to ninety percent by 2025. Basically carbon emissions show how much we are using the worlds resources. I think this is a really important issue right now it is something that every one is talking about like John said "it's in the air it's everywhere". We have to look at life from all perspectives (What if we were fish). One way that John says we can stop things from getting worse its by restoring old buildings and making them into LEED certified buildings. He challenged us to ask ourselves where will this building be or how will it be working in one hundred and thirty years from now. I think these goals could be reached with the way things are moving today.

Monday, September 15, 2008


After looking at my place for 12 twigs. I immediately was reminded of a Chinese lantern. The reason that I was reminded of this was because of the fact that my project was made of paper and it is round and it has the basic look that you might associate to a Chinese lantern. After seeing this I believe that I can take this idea and help to further shape my project into a more successful place for 12 twigs. Picture tken from

Sunday, September 14, 2008

twig project

These are some pages from my sketch book of ideas I had for my place for twelve twigs. The last idea with pine cones was the one that I ended up basing my final project off of.

art class 2

These drawings are some exercises that we had to do. In the first one what happened was we had an object in a chair that we couldn't see and that we didn't know what it was and we had to draw it once by just feeling and then once by looking. I was really suprised by how good the one I felt turned out it looks almost just like the real thing. Then in the other assignment we had to draw something by someone explaining it to us without us looking so the bottle didn't turn out as good as I would have liked but better than I would have thought.

negative space drawings

These drawings were very fun to do and i think that they turned out really well. With these drawings we had to draw the negative space like all of the space around the objects not the objects. I think that by doing this I got a much better result than I would have if I had just tried to draw the objects.


This drawing is of three pieces of dogwood. I really like doing this
drawing it turned out really well in my opinion. it was a challenge to do but it was something that I think helped learn how to draw texture because that is something that i struggle with.

hand homework

This assignment was very interesting. For this assignment we had to draw our right hand with our left hand and our left hand with our right hand. I was really surprised with how well it turned out. It was a challenge but taking time and really working the hands turned out really well in my opinion.

art class

In my design visualization class we did three different exercises with lines I really liked the chairs I thought that they turned out really well. I also was really happy with the skyline drawing it was fun and interesting to do.

blind contours

These drawings are blind contours that we drew in my design visualization class. These drawings were hard but in the end they actually turned out better than I thought that they would have. I noticed that the farther I went and the more I drew it was really obvious the improvements that I was making.

first steps

This is some pages from my sketch book where I put down some of my first ideas for my place for a leaf project.


For this lettering assignment we were told to pick a song that we like and to write it with our lettering. For my assignment I decided to write the song "Remember When" by Alan Jackson.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

place for a leaf ideas

these are some pictures of some of the firs basic models that I did. I had the idea of making a birds nest and the idea of making a hand that holds the leaf and matching the veins in the hand to the veins of the leaf. The last picture is the one that ended up becoming the idea for my final project.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Final place for a leaf

These picture are pictures that I took of my final place for a leaf. As you can see it is a group of strips that have been formed into a sort of resting place for the leaf.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

place for a leaf project

Our first project of the semester for my enviromental design class was for us to design a place for a leaf. The requirements for this project was that it had to be made completely out of paper and it could have no kind of adhesive or binding agent. This project was a real challenge but in the end I am really happy with the results. So I will just give a brief description of the process. The first that I did in this assignment was to find some leafs and then come up with some ideas as to a place for them. Some of my first ideas were a hand, umbrella, a simple box, a roll of paper, and a birds nest. However after presenting these ideas in a critique I was told that i needed to be less literal and to take away aspects of my leaf. So I starting playing around with paper and I came up with this type of roll that followed the curve of the leaf it kind of looked like the Olympic torch. After talking about this idea with one of my teachers I decided to take the idea of the symmetry of the veins in the leaf and put it into my project so I proceeded to cut paper into strips and to roll them and I came up with what turned out to he the basic idea for my final project. This idea was sort of in the shape of a heart and my leaf fit right in the middle. So after making some adjustments and getting the proper paper I build my final place for my leaf. That is just a brief overview of the steps taken to get to my final place for a leaf.

Monday, September 8, 2008

place for a leaf blind contor

This drawing was a homework assignment in which we were told to draw our place for a leaf but we were not allowed to lift our pencil off of the paper so it was definitely a challenge. I am not really satisfied with the way that it turned out it was really hard to get all of the lines right without lifting my pencil off of the paper.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

mess 3

For this drawing were told to draw a mess so I was trying to find things that might be a mess and I was eating a milky way and i thought it looked like a mess so i decided to draw it. Unfortunately when i scanned it in to the computer it wasn't as dark as i would like so it is a little hard to see but i still really liked this drawing.

mess 2

This was a drawing of a crumpled up piece if paper. This drawing was a lot harder to do than i thought it was going to be. It doesn't really look like a crumpled sheet of paper.

messy place

This drawing is the first of 5 drawings of messes that i had to do. It is a little hard to see what this is but it is a spilled cup of water with a lemon slice. I really liked this idea so i decided to create my own mess and i drew it.

hand sketch

This is one of my favorite drawings that I have done this semester. This was a sketch where we were given about 10 or 15 minutes to draw our hand. I am really pleased about how this drawing turned out.