Saturday, August 30, 2008

5 random objects sketch

This is a drawing that I had to do for homework in my art studio. The assignment was to pick five random objects and to draw them. I choose to draw a pair of scissors a sea shell a pencil a paper mache turtle and a cologne bottle. I really found this to be a fun assignment and I am really happy with the results.

Picasso upside down drawing exercise

The Picasso upside down drawing exercise was very interesting. When I was in high school we actually did this same project so I had an idea as to what the results would be. However, it is still amazing to me how similar to the original the picture turned out to be, at least in my opinion. The thing that really makes this so cool is the fact that it was done in 30 minutes. To see a picture of Picasso's actuall work visit The way that we did this drawing was that we viewed Picasso's drawing upside down and we drew it that way. Supposedly by drawing the picture this was it forces you to use the right side of the brain and to look at the shapes and pieces of the picture instead of what the actual image is. Doing this gave me a much better result than if i had tried to do it right side up.

Hand Lettering Exercise

This exercise was really just to practice my hand lettering it takes so much time to actually get the letters perfectly right and it takes a lot of practice. I really think that for the most part I did fairly well with my lettering.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shoe Drawing

This drawing was something that we did in my art studio where we were given 15 minutes to draw our feet/shoes or our neighbors. As you can see I choose to draw my own shoes.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Review of various blogs

After reviewing a number of different blogs there was one specific blog that I came across that really stood out to me. This blog is by Tommy Kane at . I am not really sure what initially attracted me to this blog. I think really thought out of all of the blogs that I visited this blog stood out because of the style of art that was displayed here. all of the artwork was colorful and more cartoon like as opposed to being really realistic. I enjoyed this because all of the pictures and drawings have a story behind them or are of something important to the artist or to someone. I really liked how a lot of Tommy's work includes words and sentences which show little glimpses into what the picture portraits beyond what could be drawn out be just looking at the work. Another interesting thing about this sight was the types of materials that were used to create the works on. I saw a number of different drawings that were drawn on cardboard which i thought gave a really interesting look to the piece. So i would encourage anybody that has an interest in art to visit this blog, you are sure to like it.