Monday, April 12, 2010

precedent images

design standards


In the next step of the unity village project we are designing individual units based off of the smae concept that we used for our community area. That concept is expansion. I would like to expand this concept further to relate better to my client. I want to have an open space that will help to expand peoples minds and life experiences since my client leads a book club and also teaches water color classes. The idea of expansion will be shown in the space through an environment that is accessible and meets the client needs as well as the needs of the other users that will be visiting.

strength as a designer

I fell like there are different areas that I am strong in when it comes to being a designer. I feel like I am good at working in groups and getting along well with others. I also feel that I am good at thinking outside of the box. A lot of times that doesn't work out for function and I have to tone down my ideas to meet my clients needs. I am good at being dedicated to long hours with out any rest or days where I don't get to do anything but sit in the studio all the time however it is always rewarding. I feel like I have a lot to still learn and I am open to learning and gaining experience I am excited about what is to come in the future.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Involving+Evolving: Assignment

group C
ground floor:
The Ground floor design was not completed all the way yet because the designers were away on vacation during a lot of the process so the final product was not due till Friday. However what I saw up to this point was very interesting I really like how they took risk in their design it was not a typical space. I really liked how the normally movable objects became a part of the building like the washing machine and the workout equipment. The only advise I would offer would be to continue to work on presentation and to design out the rest of the floor. Because the project was not complete it is hard to judge because I do not know what the finished product will look like.

first floor:
The design of the first floor was really pleasing to me. I really liked the simple lines of the space and the was that the space was laid out would allow for easy flow through the space. I also really like the color choices in the space. As far as presentation is concerned I felt like they did a good job the only thing that I would say could be worked on would be the renderings I would challenge them to include more entourage in order to make the space feel more lived in and also so that things would be more clearly defined as to their intended use. The only question I might ask would be about some of the materials used and how things like sound might be addressed since a lot of the walls are glass.

Second floor:
The design of the second floor was very interesting to me in a good way because a lot of things were included in the space that none of the other groups had thought of. One of these things was the interior garden that the whole community could use I though that would be a really great idea in a space. As far as presentation I felt like it needed some work. The images were small and did not take up much space on the page which resulted in pictures that were hard to see and a lot of empty space. i also felt like the renderings could be worked on in selecting views that would better show off the space I found it hard to see what the space was really going to look like. However i really did like the ideas that went into the space.

my project:
In the end I was very pleased with the way that our space turned out. However there were some things that could have been changed for example the floor in the renderings did not show any texture which made the space seem really harsh in the sketch-up model the floors are concrete ad have a lot of texture however unfortunately this did not show up in the renderings. Another thing that could have been worked on more would be potentially thinking more about user needs and about whether this space would really suite an elderly person and so forth. I felt like I learned a lot from this project in the past I have never had to design more than one space so it was a definite challenge to design a whole floor and to have separate but unified spaces. In the end it was a fun project and I really liked the end results