Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Think about it.....

What is the point of the makeshift shelter project:
I believe that the point of this project is to get us as designers out of our comfort zones. So many times when we think about design we think of people with money and broad variates of materials and so forth. In this situation we are forced to address a different social class and to create something from nothing. We only have a very limited amount of supplies and no budget. We are learning that design can be found any where and that its not always for just you and me but its global its for everybody. I also think that doing this project is great because it shows the rest of the world variety. When people are thinking about shelters they can take to disaster relief maybe this can challenge them to rethink and recycle and to make things from materials that are already available. So I believe that this project is beneficial for us as designers but also on the world as a whole.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

story of the shelters use

Once upon a time Peyton was walking through the woods and came upon a clearing filled with green grass and buttercups and butterflies. Off to the corner of the clearing she saw a cute little shelter that was bright and filled with color. She thought to herself what nice place to do some sketching. She walked inside and saw a colorful ceiling with draping scarves and little seats made from tires the shelter was open on three sides with perfect views providing a cool spot to relax and take in the view. Peyton spent hours drawing and enjoying the sights and sounds of a warm summers day. The night began to fall but she couldn't help but think about how she would come back in the near future to spend another relaxed day in that cute little shelter.

Makeshift Shelter

On Tuesday of this week we were given our first assignment of the semester. This assignment is to create a shelter that will be constructed in the Gatewood lobby. This shelter is to be built completly out of found materials and and we can not spend any money on the project. The members of my group are Hope Talley, Paris Williford, Charese Allen, and Pamela Liles. Each group was given a activity that will take place in our shelter the activity that we were given was. sketching. Yesterday we were thrown a curve ball in that we can only use 5 different materials and we can only use 2 binding agents. We have got some really goods ideas and are really looking forward to the final design. Be looking out for pictures of the final shelter.